War Child

For the weekend of the 21/22nd August Binary Tweed and Blitz Games Studios donated all royalties received from the Xbox LIVE Indie Games version of Clover: A Curious Tale to War Child (reg. charity no. 1071659), the international charity working in dangerous war zones to rebuild childrens' lives.

War can undermine local justice systems and as a result children can be denied fair trial rights, be held in prison without charge for 'moral crimes' or for crimes they did not commit. You can find out more about the problem of unjust imprisonment of children in war zones at War Child's website.

More About War Child

Children don’t start wars. But their homes, schools, families and communities are torn apart by war. These are the very things children rely on for protection and the chance to build a life free from poverty.

War Child is a small international charity that protects children from the brutal effects of war and its consequences. We currently work in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Uganda.

We're on the ground - supporting the most vulnerable children that are too often forgotten in the aftermath of conflict. These include:
  • Former child soldiers
  • Children living on the streets
  • Children put in prison
  • Girls at risk of rape or violence

We may be a small charity but we’ve got big ambitions. Our staff are living and working in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones helping thousands of kids to rebuild their lives. 

By working with local partners, we provide a number of services for children including:
·         Rebuilding schools destroyed by war and getting children back into education
·         Separating children from adult detainees in prison and providing legal aid
·         Reintegrating child soldiers with their families
·         Getting children off the streets after war has forced them to leave home
·         Counseling to help children cope with the effects of war
·         Vocational and professional training which gives them future opportunities
·         Ensuring children get access to food
·         Changing harmful attitudes in the community towards children

We’re also passionate about helping millions more – so we’re raising awareness of the issues with the public and lobbying politicians to get children’s voices heard by the people who have the power to change things on a grander scale. Examples of what we do are:
  • Persuading governments to spend more money on children in conflict zones
  • Suggesting practical ways politicians can make a difference to children affected by war