Clover: A Curious Tale

Clover: A Curious Tale is a political platform-puzzler game available now on PC and Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

New Features

Co-developed by Binary Tweed and Blitz 1UP, it improves upon last year's Clover in every possible way!
  • 50% more puzzles
  • Completely voice acted
  • All-new animations
  • 3 new endings
  • Side quest
  • Playable epilogue
  • New menus, UI and dialogue scenes
  • New areas, new characters, new items
  • Re-recorded 35 minute soundtrack, including new tracks
  • New controls, improved player handling
  • New unlockable art

Inspired by the likes of Dizzy and Maniac Mansion, Clover: A Curious Tale finds recently-orphaned Sam solving puzzles to piece together the truth behind a series of ever-more strange events in the devoutly-religious monarchy of Sanha.