19 Jul 2015

Government Funding

I've been going through the list of government funding sources for UK games studios. I figured I may as well share my notes!

If you've got any more information or other sources that people would benefit from, please stick something in the comments.

Protoype Fund

  • Appears to be in limbo, despite being mentioned in the pre-election budget
  • £25k to develop a game prototype
  • Additional labour support from students
The Abertay Protoype Fund was always the most promising bit of funding for indie developers in the UK, but it's currently closed. There was funding mentioned in the pre-election budget, but that seems to have gone quiet.

Creative Europe

  • Offers funding to creative sectors, including games
  • Only for businesses running for at least 12 months
  • Funding must be matched
  • You can't start the project within 8 months of applying for funding
This isn't suitable for start-ups, and the 8-months lead time doesn't seem very practical for indies.

InnovateUK - Smart Grants

  • Three purposes of funding: proof of market, proof of concept, development of prototype
  • Designed to support "game-changing cutting-edge R&D"
  • Funds up to 60%
This seems more geared to useful technology rather than creative entertainment. In private correspondence it was said that the process is highly competitive and has hundreds of applicants in each round.

InnovateUK - Launchpads

  • Up to £100k, must be matched
  • Tech-focused, in certain geographic clusters
I could only find one of these when I looked, and it was in Edinburgh.

Grants For The Arts

  • Require 18 months' trading history
  • Grants of between £1-100k
  • Specifically mentions eligibility of games
This seems promising if you've been going a while, but not suitable for start-ups or new ventures.