6 Dec 2011

Indie Advice: Twitter

I use Twitter, but this advice probably also follows for other social networks.

Sign up for a Twitter account. If you‘re a one-person team and consider this part of your brand, make it a half-personal account. If you have a bigger team, have one account for ‘official‘ PR and personal accounts for banter.

No-one follows PR-oriented people on Twitter other than to be seen to be associated with something, or as a sort-of RSS feed. Most people use Twitter to converse with people, and one of the joys of following individuals at a company is that they give an insight as to how that place works, and they might let slip a nugget of information that PR wouldn‘t allow.

Consider that one day your games industry activities might go beyond your current studio. Having a personal account allows you to take followers with you for the long term.

If you tweet only press release headlines, few people will be interested. If you tweet and never reply, you show that you don‘t understand Twitter and that you‘re only interested in using it for your own ends.

Talk to people. Talk to lots of people. Get involved in discussions, and use hashtags where appropriate. Get to know people, as one day you might meet up at a conference.

What are people getting from following you? Shared knowledge? Jokes? Sneak information on your game? Banter? A taste of your personality?

Make it clear in your profile who you are and what you talk about. Use sites like WeFollow.com to allow people to find you by topic.