5 Dec 2011

Indie Advice: Consolidate Identities

All-round great bloke Dave Voyles brought this up at our Indie‘s Got PR Talent panel at GDCE11. If you have multiple online identities, try and consolidate them into one.

I‘ve lost count of the number of times I‘ve had an email conversation with someone without realising I talk to that person on Twitter. I regularly meet people in real life that I know online, but don‘t make the connection until afterwards.

I introduce myself as Deejay. My Twitter username is BinaryTweedDeej. My email address is deejay[at]binarytweed.com. My signature has Deejay on it. My Twitter picture is a photo of my face.

This is not my face. It's a face, not lots of faces, and thus is a visual metaphor for consolidation.

I'm glad we're clear on that.

All these lead toward people being able to remember who the hell you are, across various media. The people you want to impress most are likely very busy, so helping them figure out who you are benefits everyone.

If your Twitter avatar is a picture of a gerbil, no-one‘s going to spot you at a conference. If your email address is sexygamedev@hotmail.com but your name is Bob Walton at ABC Games, don‘t expect people to pay any attention to your emails.

People will likely expect a degree of professionalism. Register a domain name for your studio, and use it for your games-dev emails. Use one name (be it real or a nickname) and stick with it across all channels. In your email signature list all of the ways of contacting you, so people can piece things together if necessary. If needs be, separate personal and work accounts so that you can maintain consistency.