9 Dec 2011

Dizzy: Prince Of The Yolkfolk

The original Spectrum loading screen
I can hardly believe that after a twenty year hiatus, Dizzy is back and purchasable.

Dizzy: Prince Of The Yolkfolk is available right now on iOS and Android. If you don't buy it, then you're effectively saying "Deejay, I hate your childhood and everything that you love."

POTY is the smallest Dizzy adventure, and not my favourite, but the HD remake is very pretty and has had some minor tweaks to help it stand up in the modern age.

From a design standpoint it's really rather interesting to see what tweaks were made, and in which ways the Dizzy formula seems outdated now. Clover: A Curious Tale made attempts to reinvent the genre and still had flaws (too much traipsing about - I'm sorry!), but I was quite pleased to see there are some things I think my game did better than POTY.

At some point, I think I'm going to have to write an essay on the design of Dizzy games, and adventure games in general. There's a fundamental conflict between adventuring and gaming, and it's really beginning to bug me...