17 Sep 2011

Wild Rumpus (Is Ace)

On Thursday night, I attended the IndieCity-sponsored indie games event Wild Rumpus. You know what? It was bloody great.

In suitably hip Shoreditch*, at the Brick Lane bar 93 Feet East, a number of indie games were on display for members of the public to play. The martial artist in me was drawn to Johann Sebastian Joust for most of the night, but there were other titles being displayed indoors on projectors, big screens, and arcade-style cabinets. I'd like to apologise to the fellow Joust-er that I front kicked: I realise now that this probably isn't socially acceptable.

This was exactly what the indie gaming scene needs more of. I attended with marketers and designers from outside of the industry, who were thus exposed to the creative and artistic side of gaming. Random pub-goers will have seen that there's more to gaming than triple-A, and that these games are damned fun to play.

I can't wait to see what the Wild Rumpus folks conjure up next, and I strongly suggest that if they organise an event near you, that you attend and bring some non-gamer creative mates.

*I'm reliably informed by people much cooler than me that The Kids now hang out in Dalston.