2 Dec 2011

Indie Advice: Studio Name

Brand, not bland
To someone wanting to make an interesting news story about your game, your identity is another angle with which to add flavour. Any good news story is about people rather than events, which is why newspapers and TV news channels go to great lengths to find a human angle, finding eyewitnesses and seeking reaction from those affected.

Nothing says “anonymous blandness“ or “I haven‘t really thought about this enough“ like an uninspired studio name such as TLA Games or ABC Studios.

By not thinking about your branding, you‘re suggesting that either you don‘t care, or that you stand for nothing in particular. Neither of these options help journalists write stories about you, help consumers get excited about you, or allow people to get a feel for what kind of products you make.

A good name for a creator of content should impart some sense of personality, and give people an expectation of what sorts of things you produce. Without knowing anything about their music, one can easily infer that Black Sabbath are probably not a teenie-pop band. Similarly it‘s unlikely that many would assume that the Spice Girls were purveyors of beatdown hardcore.