23 Sep 2011

Indie Advice: A Series

I'm writing a series of articles that will share some of the lessons I've learned on my indie games adventures. I want to help indie games developers to be successful.

I can't tell you how to make a successful indie game - if I could, I'd be busy doing that myself. more to the point, I wouldn't want to. Part of the appeal of being independent is doing stuff your way.

I'm also not purporting to be some messianic prophet of games development truth. If you disagree then please comment and share your ideas with anyone else who might head this way.

Consider the following as a bit of a disclaimer for the fact I'm not sharing what I've been able to do myself, more I'm sharing what I've observed.

I've spent two years as an indie games developer, coming from outside of the industry with bugger-all experience. During that time I demo'd my game at GameCity with Blitz 1UP, I was asked to talk on a panel about the rise of the micro-studio, and I was nominated for a Develop award. I took a job at IndieCity and since then I've attended and moderated indie marketing workshops in the UK and USA, I've chatted to a host of indies at Develop, World Of Love & GDC11, and hosted the Indie's Got PR Talent panel at GDCE11.

In my previous life I was a development department head for a global financial company, and I've also set up a desktop insurance fraud investigation company. The latter wasn't a success, but I certainly learned a few things along the way.

In summary - I'm not an expert; I'm not even close. I have however seen a few things that I think some people might benefit from and, to reiterate the start of this post, I want to help indie games developers to be successful.