28 Mar 2011

Wanted: Pixel Artist

I'm looking for a pixel artist to provide graphics for a game I'm working on.

The Deal
Flat fee on delivery and revenue share, both to be negotiated. Don't expect huge amounts, I'm not expecting this game to sell. I want people to hate it, and I'm not made of money. I won't be looking to publishers or owt like that.

The Process
  1. Email me if you're interested
  2. I'd like to see a 320x240 platformer sunset scene featuring a human character, with a limited palette (MegaDrive/SNES). Think sophisticated and poignant rather than blue hedgehogs, and I'll need ot be able to represent different people.
  3. We then figure out if we can work together
  4. NDAs get signed
  5. Discuss project further
  6. If everyone's happy, agree work schedule and sign contracts
  7. Deliver work
  8. I'll arse about making the game. Any work outside of the original contract will be requoted.
  9. Game gets released. You get credit on website and in game. Months later you get revenue share cheque, if any revenue gets generated!
If you're interested please give me a shout. You could save us both hassle by going straight to step 2 though.

As you may know I now work full-time on IndieCity, hence me needing to (and being able to afford) outside help. It's important for me to be clear that I'll therefore only be working on this project in my free time.