16 Aug 2010

XBLIG Curious Tale Out Now!

At long last Clover: A Curious Tale has returned home to Xbox LIVE Indie Games. What's even better than that though is the fact that this weekend all proceeds will be donated to War Child (reg. charity no. 1071659).

If you buy the game on Xbox LIVE on the 21st or 22nd August, Binary Tweed and Blitz 1UP will be waiving their royalties and instead giving them straight to charity. Please remember that the offer only applies to this weekend, and only the XBLIG version.

The good peeps at Microsoft did try very hard to organise Microsoft waiving its 30% cut, but unfortunately changes in a huge organisation take a lot of time to effect.

For those unfamiliar Clover: A Curious Tale, it's the new an improved version of Clover that was co-developed by Blitz 1UP, and has a ton of new features.

It's now fully voice-acted. There's 50% more puzzles, and even the ones that were in the original have changed. Everything's been made to look prettier, from the menus and dialogue screens to the all-new character animations. The whole soundtrack was re-recorded.

There's three new endings as part of a playable epilogue. There's a side quest. There's even a secret clue about a hidden truth in the plot, that's so incredibly secret and subtle no-one's figured it out yet - not even all the PC players that have had the game since March!

So, if you don't buy a copy this weekend, not only are you a mug for depriving yourself of a great game, but you also hate war-afflicted children. Could you really live with yourself if you didn't buy it?

London, United Kingdom – Tuesday 17th August 2010
Clover: A Curious Tale Released on XBLIG for Charity

Binary Tweed and Blitz 1UP’s critically-acclaimed Clover: A Curious Tale has now returned home to the XBLIG service – this time donating proceeds to international charity War Child. Binary Tweed and Blitz Games Studios will be donating all royalties received from the first weekend’s sales (21-22nd August) to War Child, and extra content has been added to the game to support the charity further.

Clover: A Curious Tale is the massively enhanced version of the original political platform-puzzler Clover, including new features such as full voice-acting, 50% more puzzles, multiple endings, overhauled animation and French and Spanish translations. All of these were only made possible through Blitz 1UP, an initiative of Blitz Games Studios that assists up-and-coming indie developers.

War Child’s Sara Bowcutt said “War Child is thrilled to have been chosen to receive royalties from the newest version of Clover: A Curious Tale. The Charity has always had strong links to the gaming world and this new fundraising initiative from Binary Tweed continues in this vein. The money gamers are raising during the weekend will go towards helping the children we work with who have been hit the hardest by war. On behalf of the War Child – thank you!”

Binary Tweed’s Deejay says: “The donations to War Child really enable people to make a difference, as well as exploring issues through the game.” Explaining the choice of charity, he added “War Child is a perfect fit for Clover. I had wanted to also donate proceeds to a charity benefitting service people, but regrettably this couldn’t be arranged.

Neil Holmes, Producer for Blitz 1UP commented: “Blitz Games Studios is thrilled to be able to support such a worthy cause, and it’s exactly this kind of initiative that the indie spirit fosters. Clover: A Curious Tale is a great game any thoughtful gamer will enjoy, and a shining example of how indie games can maximise their potential through Blitz 1UP.

Despite their best efforts Microsoft were unable to waive their 30% royalty fee.

About War Child (Registered Charity 1071659)warchild.org.uk

War Child is a small international charity that protects children from the brutal effects of war and its consequences. Working in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Uganda, they are on the ground supporting the most vulnerable children that are too often forgotten in the aftermath of conflict. These include: Former child soldiers; Children living on the streets; Children put in prison and girls at risk of rape or violence.

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