25 Jun 2010

XBLIG Clover: A Curious Tale in Peer Review

Clover: A Curious Tale hasn't come out on the Xbox 360 yet as I've been trying to organise an arrangement where I can donate the first weekend's sales to charity.

The game is now in peer review for XBLIG. We didn't opt for an XBLA release, as it'd have taken even longer, and would probably have performed worse financially.

I can't name the charity that will be benefitting from C:ACT's XBLIG release yet for legal reasons, but I had been struggling to find two charities: one catering for non-combatants in war, and one for service people. Unfortunately, and despite months of trying, no service-person-benefitting charity would take my money.

Help For Heroes mugged me off with a weak excuse about VAT - funny that, seeing as XBLIG royalties are exempt from VAT. SSAFA didn't return my calls, and whilst the Royal British Legion did entertain the notion for a short while, they also soon stopped returning my calls or replying to my emails.

I'll leave it to you to decide why these charities couldn't be arsed to take my money. I'm just disappointed that deserving service men and women have missed out because of beaurocratic idiocy. I think a personal donation is the way forward.