18 Mar 2010

Ready UP Review

The rather marvellous Jacob Chinchen has written a review of Clover: A Curious Tale over on Ready Up.

Sounds like he really understood and enjoyed the game.

"[...]like a fruit gum that you can’t help but chew, I bet you end up sharing this game with someone while you’re playing. It’s that sort of experience: a social single-player and that can’t be a bad thing."

I'm quite chuffed about this as my brother and I squabbled a lot when we were kids, but we often did sit with one person (normally him, he's older!) playing a game and the other watching and chipping in advice. It's nice to be evoking that same atmosphere.

"The watercolour landscape you’ll traverse is a thing of beauty, while the delicate piano score carries you along through each screen and you’ll find yourself waiting for the music to start each time you load the game, knowing that you’ll be humming along within minutes."

That's just plain nice!