3 Mar 2010

Inevitable Piracy

I'm not going to engage in a long, rage-filled rant about this, as we all knew it was going to happen. In fact I've know about this for a few days, it just didn't seem like a terribly good idea to blog about it before the game was out.

Yes, Clover: A Curious Tale has already been pirated. I'm not going to give you any links ("Hey! Here's my credit card, take that too!") but it wouldn't take a genius to combine a search engine, the name of the game, and a popular distributed delivery mechanism.

I can tell from the build name and size roughly where it came from. It'd be unwise for me to be throwing about allegations, but let's just say it wasn't the press or anyone working on the game.

What's more hilarious is that certain gamez sites are linking to versions that are 400Mb and about 1.2Gb. Considering the game is actually about 260Mb packed, I've no idea what the fuck they're trying to pass off. Enjoy your virii though!

Sadly I didn't write a load of spyware to try and track down people's addresses who install the dodgy versions. I've got a multitude of training weapons sat in my flat that would just love to get intimately acquainted with the skulls of these people.

I mean at least if someone has the decency to try and steal my stuff in person, we get to settle the matter with a good deal of face-beating.