19 Mar 2010

GayGamer Give Clover:ACT 8/10

Scott Nichols from GayGamer.net has written a gleaming review of Clover: A Curious Tale, concluding by giving it a rather tasty 8 out of 10.

"For gamers who aren't afraid of some hard thinking with their games, Clover: A Curious Tale is a no-brainer."

"[...]a cut above the voice acting found in most AAA games."

"[...]having never played a Dizzy game myself, all I can draw from the comparison is that I must have missed out on something amazing."

Dude, you seriously did. Go find a copy of Fantastic Dizzy and fall in gaming love. You most certainly won't regret it, and I dare say that the advent of emulators and save states makes it all the more enjoyable. But err, obviously make sure you have a legal copy if you're going to make a .rom backup...