4 Mar 2010


I'm going to be giving away a free copy of Clover: A Curious Tale. Am I going to do a conventional Twitter/retweet lottery? Nah, too boring.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get the most amusing conservative rant in reply to the below trailer.

Over on GameTrailers there were some hilarious comments from mentally-dull types who managed to jump to some amazing conclusions about what the video was trying to say. I'm looking for the same sort of reaction, just to brighten up my day and remind myself that whilst there are a ton of morons out there, they were put on Earth for our amusement.

Amusing entries will be posted here, and obviously so will the winner.

  1. Nothing illegal. No flaming, no posting in outrageously offensive places (I will personally break the legs of anyone caught winding up soldiers/their families). The idea is just to post it, and let the idiots flame. Not be an idiot yourself.
  2. Screengrab evidence. Send a screenshot of your best entry to compo[at]binarytweed.com.
  3. Evidence that you didn't write it yourself. Replying to yourself isn't clever or funny, it just makes you eligible to join a mental institute. Some kind of proof that the said idiot was posting on teh inforwebs before your post would be nice.
  4. I'll decide what I find funny.
  5. Closing date is Friday 12th Match, midday GMT.