23 Feb 2010

Gary Cutlack: Guest Actor

Some of the more observant amongst you will undoubtedly have spotted the cameo appearance of a certain award-winning game industry cynic in the original XBLIG version of Clover.

I'm pleased to announce that despite defective microphones, awkward online stores, incompetent delivery services and snowed-in Scottish islands, UK:Resistance's very own Gary Cutlack has lent his vocal talents to Clover: A Curious Tale. He plays a bitter, twisted loner who has apparently escaped to a remote rural village, and is fed up with ultra-violent books. Sound familiar?

"Looks like there's a lot of pressing right. 8/10." - G. Cutlack

Being slightly more concerned about legal action, I've had to remove the Dreamcasts and Saturns from the background, and also the UK:R logo from his shirt. Besides, the git changed the UK:R colour scheme just after we drew the artwork.

If you're not familiar with the man Graham Linehan described as "so funny", and Peter Serafinowicz listed as one of his favourite tweeters, then you should most certainly check out:
I think we should see more gaming journo's in upcoming titles. I'm personally plumping for Adam Doree in Shenmue 3.