8 Feb 2010

Clover OST Track Titles

I've just been tarting up the soundtrack to the original version of Clover (not the new super-sublime and profesionally-recorded one for A Curious Tale).

Just as quite a lot of thought went into the music, a fair bit of personal thinking went into the names of the tracks. Clich├ęd they may sound, but it all means something to me.

Sorry, but as a frustrated and failed musician, this sort of thing yanks my crank.
  1. There Comes A Time...
  2. Complicit In Tragedy
  3. Choice Betrayed
  4. Occupied With Distraction
  5. A Deal Postdated In The Blood Of The Loyal
  6. Yielding To Hurt
  7. Believe In Everything I Said
  8. SE17NN
My, that sounds like a right barrel of laughs, doesn't it?