19 Feb 2010

Clover: A Curious Tale - Releasing 3rd March

Clover: A Curious Tale. PC. Worldwide. Wednesday 3rd March. English, French & Spanish. Multiple distribution channels.

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The press release for this announcement is below.

London, United Kingdom – Thursday 18th February

Clover: A Curious Tale to be released March 3rd

Binary Tweed is very pleased to announce that the new, improved PC version of Clover: A Curious Tale is to be released in conjunction with Blitz 1UP, via a range of download services on Wednesday 3rd March. Recognising the wide appeal the more streamlined and user-friendly version of the game will have, Clover: A Curious Tale will be available for download worldwide, including French and Spanish translations.

For those unaware of the original, Clover: A Curious Tale is a watercolour side-scrolling platform puzzle game with a political agenda. Featuring no lives or health bars the game is an experience to be taken at the player’s own pace, designed to challenge puzzle-solving skills as well as interpretations of world events.

It's hard to think of an area of the game that hasn’t been massively improved upon. We’ve got secret guest actors featured in the game that I’m chuffed to bits about. It’s an indie title with an indie agenda that anybody with an interest in puzzlers, Dizzy or counter-culture should play,” commented Binary Tweed’s Deejay.

By combining feedback from players of the original with Blitz Games Studios’ knowledge and experience, every area of the game has been given an overhaul:

  • New animations for every character, new graphics, user-interface and effects
  • Complete voice-acted English dialogue, and French & Spanish translations of a script four times bigger than the original
  • New puzzles, and sub-quest making the game over twice as long
  • Four new endings dependent on the player’s actions, and playable epilogue
  • Context-sensitive controls, and improved 'feel'

Commenting on what makes the new version special, Blitz 1UP Producer Neil Holmes said “We’ve stripped away some of the baggage that came with revisiting a classic genre, making the game feel more modern and welcoming to new players. For those that think they know Clover, they’re going to want to pay very close attention to each of the four endings. There’s more to the story than it might first appear.

About Binary Tweed - binarytweed.com

Binary Tweed is an independent games studio created in September 2008, focusing on the reinvention of classic genres to make "new games that are bit like old games, but better." After leaving the financial sector, founder Daniel 'Deejay' Jones set up shop using the services of a network of friends and ex-colleagues of a variety of creative disciplines. He aims to bring original takes on vintage games to new and experienced gamers alike, using the power of his 10” moustache.