7 Jan 2010

Not Dead

..Nor snowed in.

As ever there's lots going on, but I haven't had time to knock up any screenshots or videos of pretty things with which to wow you. It had been my plan to upload some videos of the new animations, but alas between PCs bricking on me and chasing payments I've not had the time.

  • The last retakes for the dialogue have just been done
  • Framerate is now much improved on crapper machines
  • Our guest actor has finally received the necessary equipment to do his parts
  • A new logo is being done by PFJ Design
  • The installer now works (this was pretty painful)
  • Fullscreen bugs have been squashed
  • 95% of the new sound effects are now in courtesy of Owen Price
  • The unlockable Art Gallery is now many times more spiffing
  • Trailers are being worked on
  • Menus now make noises
  • There's now more wildlife in the game that'll follow you around