21 Jan 2010

New Scenery

Whilst Clover: A Curious Tale is in QA over at Blitz Games Studios, I've been filling in the thrilling paperwork - things like descriptions of the game for online portals, icons, banners, manuals, readmes, and screenshots.

Part of this process has involved making bulleted lists of features. Naturally these include things like pointing out the new animations, 50% more puzzles, and basically all the sexy stuff.

There's been a lot more work than just that going on in the last few months though, not all of it worthy of a whole bullet point to itself.

An example of this is some of the new background scenery that's littered throughout the game. XBLIG has a limit of 150Mb, and we were on the cusp of that with the original. Now we're on PC, we've had a chance to draw more loveliness to make even the backgrounds more interesting.

Unfortunately I haven't got a matching screenshot of the same area in the original, but suffice to say there wasn't a sexy assortment of parallax-layered town houses in the background. Nor did it have glowing streetlamps. Nor a bin, for that matter.