20 Jan 2010

New Art Gallery

I can't show you the new box* art.
I can't show you the new trailer.
I can't show you the new manual.
I can't play you the new soundtrack (yet).
I could show you the blissfully small buglist from the QA process, but that would just be tediously dull.

I can show you the new Art Gallery. Now normally at this point I'd do some comical comparison with the old version, but as it turns out the old version was so utterly pants that I didn't even bother to take any screenshots of it in the first place.

So, what's this new noticeboard next to the church?

That'd be the new village noticeboard. As you progress through the game and solve puzzles, you'll unlock bits of concept artwork, reference photos, and sketches of contributors. Along side each is a little bit of explanatory text.

If you press the use button on the noticeboard, you get the Sams-Eye-View of the gallery. From here you can see each asset in fullscreen if you want.

Now the noticeboard's an in-game feature, you don't need to exit to the main menu to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Hurrah! Plus, because the game is at least 50% bigger than before, there's even more loveliness to be witnessed.

*Box art? For a digital game? Well, it might not always be that way...