19 Jan 2010

A Curious Tale - New Logo

Created by the spiffy Phil Joyce, here's the new logo that I've cropped rather unflatteringly:

To prove that he doesn't just knock stuff out, here's some wanky design blurb he wrote directly after knocking it out:

"I did quite like the font you'd originally used for the logo, but it's not particularly clear - I think for something that might be shown on a box in a shop or the box art shown on an online shop you need something super-legible. Also it's a bit tudor rather than mock-tudor which I believe you were after. I thought we could retain some of that feeling but doesn't necessarily have to be in the letters...

"So I went for a font based on Goudy's Kennerly which was developed at when the mock-Tudor era was starting. I still liked the large initial fonts used in the mood board , so tried to use that to get across the lo-fi, distressed wood Tudor-ness but with something still highly legible.

"You said you wanted to convey a suggestion of death in the logo; I created a custom pattern around the 'C' which is made up of shapes of the nightshade plant - plenty of symbolism there, but not immediately obvious."