18 Jan 2010

Clover Music Demos - Part 3

Clover: A Curious Tale is both out for compatibility testing with the wonderful peeps who signed up to Blitz 1UP's testing scheme, and also now in internal QA at Blitz. When you hear feint echoes of screaming, that'll be me drowning in bug reports.

Anyway, on to the music.

Annoyingly enough, my favourite part of the Clover soundtrack started life as an exceptionally hasty rock demo. Something worth bearing in mind about Christopher Chillingworth is that he writes a lot of music around a very busy management job. A lot of the stuff he does gets recorded down very quickly, and then - BANG! - he's off on to the next song. We have a shared folder with most of his tracks in, and there's bloody tons of the stuff he lets me listen to, let alone his scratchpad ideas.

This track is called Rocky (because it's in the rock genre), and falls into the category of "I have an idea, let's bosh it out before I forget." I absolutely love the hook in the 'chorus'. In fact in the Cubase project of the final track, it's actually called "sex bit."

Here's the XBLIG version of the track, so you can see how we went from rough ideas with a rock instrumentation, to bare-bones piano sounds of the game.

Naturally, there's a newer, even sexier version as part of the A Curious Tale soundtrack!