15 Jan 2010

Clover Music Demos - Part 2

For Clover: A Curious Tale the entire soundtrack has been expanded upon and re-recorded. No doubt we'll be sharing that with y'all at some point in the future, but today we've got another one of the early demos Christopher Chillingworth created for the original XBLIG version of Clover.

This one's called Midway, quite simply as he thought it'd be good for about halfway through the game. This went on to become Sanha Theme.

Notice there's all sorts of stringy and bass stuff going on here that we decided against for the final version. We wanted to keep the instrumentation as simple as possible to try and evoke some of the simple melody found in the 8-bit era. Maybe I look back through rose-tinted glasses (headphones?), but Speccy music had to have great melodies as instrumentation and production values couldn't compensate.