1 Oct 2009

Clover: A Curious Tale Signed to Blitz 1UP

That's it. That's the announcement up there.

Blitz Games Studios have signed up a new and improved version of Clover, subtitled A Curious Tale, and it'll be coming to PC digital distribution services.

It's hard to think of an area that hasn't been improved, but here's a nice list anyway:
  • New animations - all characters are articulated, clouds move, flames smoke and glow, water splashes, cats snore (!);
  • Completely voice-acted dialogue;
  • A new sub-quest, and multiple endings;
  • New puzzles, characters, and items (25% more items last time I checked);
  • New context-sensitive controls - this means no clumsy inventory menu;
  • Completely revised user interface;
  • Better player handling, and less annoyingly fiddly jumps;
  • Translations in French, Italian, German and Spanish;
  • Reworked soundtrack - longer, sexier.
There's probably a ton of other little tweaks I've already implemented and forgotten about. I'll be going through each of the major new features on this here blog over the coming days and weeks, so you'll be getting lots of nice new content.

At present it won't be coming to XBLIG as we're now way, way over the 150mb limit. We're also looking at other platforms, and I'd like to take the new version to everywhere that makes sense.

It's fantastic to be working with Blitz and their 1>UP scheme. For those not in the know, Blitz Game Studios is owned by Andrew and Phillip Oliver, who've been massive in the UK games industry since the 80s when their games literally dominated the charts. It's no secret that I'm a massive Dizzy fan and that those games inspired Clover, so as well as being a great professional fit it's also really nice to be working with people whose work I've admired for so long.

I'll write more about this in another post, but I'm particularly pleased that XBLIG development has opened up this opportunity. When first embarking on this venture, this was one of the possible outcomes I identified. Not only is the XBLIG market improving vastly, but the signing of Clover: A Curious Tale proves that XBLIG development can be a gateway to career progression.