2 Oct 2009

Clover: A Curious Tale - Animations

Clover: A Curious Tale. It's got some improvements.

One of the first things we worked on was making the game look more alive and less static. The main way of achieving this was by splitting each character into separate components, and animating those.

Characters in Clover: A Curious Tale now have separate bodies, heads, arms and legs. They'll bob up and down when breathing, sway from side to side when drunk, and wave their arms frantically when their house is on fire. Even if the character isn't doing a great deal, the subtle movements add a whole lot to the game.

The fading cloud background no longer just fade, they also move. Expect to see seamless animations of clouds moving towards you!

Boats bob up and down in the sea, cats twitch in their sleep, and spiders do a very convincing job of creeping about the place. Gates and cogs rotate... What, there weren't any gates and cogs in Clover? Well, animations aren't the only things we've added.

We've also added a lot of spot effects. Flames glow, smoke clouds billow and fade, leaves gently fall from trees, water splashes and the odd bird swooshes past. In fact I was very pleased to see that our falling leaves are substantially better than those in Monkey Island: Special Edition.

So there you have it, Clover: A Curious Tale is officially better than Monkey Island (when it comes to falling leaves).