30 Sep 2009


I don't think I got around to writing this before, which is a shame. So, whilst I wait to announce things (just signed off the press release!), I'd like to take the opportunity to thank a few peeps who aren't credited on Clover.

I've said before the community aspect of the XNA Creator's Club is the model's greatest asset, and consider this saying it again. Whilst there are some incredibly unhelpful, immodest, and snipey sorts (it is the inforweb after all), there are a great many more who go out of their way to be pleasant and helpful.

Nathan Fouts - Nathan runs Mommy's Best Games, and gave me a lot of useful and constructive feedback on early versions of Clover. He's been dead handy in setting me up with people, and it's a favour I'm trying to return. Go check out Weapon Of Choice and Grapple Buggy!

Nick Gravelyn - Nick's an MVP who runs the excellent xblig.info which was instrumental before we got integrated ratings, has a blog and is a frequent Twitterererer. Like most of the MVPs, he suffers a lot at the hands of dumb questions from the likes of me, so how he's not gone completely insane yet is beyond me. Oh, and he's written Pixel Man.

Shawn Hargreaves - He's on the XNA team, and if he can't answer your XNA question, then it's not worth answering. Helped me with thorny issues on more than one occasion, and is probably owed a lifetime of pints by the XNA community. His wonderful blog has gotten me out of a sticky situation so many times, I doubt I'd've finished Clover without it.

MVPs - George Clingerman, Catalin Zima and The ZMan spring immediately to mind as being rather helpful XNA types. There's probably a ton of others I can't remember off the top of my head.

Conkerjo - Another XNA developer, who gave lots of useful and encouraging feedback, and still does. If his game SBARG ever makes it to market, I'll cancel out the pint he owes me!