13 Sep 2009

Beatles: Rock Band

Earlier this week, I was really looking forward to getting myself a copy of Beatles: Rock Band. I've managed to miss this whole music game melarkey, and was thinking of doing a combined cultural catch-up with both the music genre and the music of The Beatles.

After playing both Rock Band and Guitar Hero at a party last night, I've decided I'm never going to spend any cash on either of the franchises.

For those lucky people that don't know me personally, I dabble in music. I've been playing bass since I was 15, and I also play drums (badly) and guitar (exceptionally badly). I've recorded on 6 EPs/albums, gigged over a hundred times over 6 years, played in front of 1,000 people, done shows in London's Leicester Square, been interviewed by the national music press, and been featured in Kerrang's Pandora comic strip.

So it's with the above experience that I just assumed that I might just be able to muster the ability to get through The Killers - When You Were Young on medium difficulty. Alas, no.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to observe this, but actually playing instruments makes playing these music games incredibly hard. You try playing to what you can hear rather than the reduced inputs that are required, and the games seem to want you to be ever-so-slightly ahead of time.

I'm pretty disappointed. I was really looking forward to B:RB, and now it just seems like it's a game that's not for me. Can you play it with just a controller?

Anyway, I'm off to play on my real drum kit in order to try and heal my bruised musical ego!