4 Aug 2009

XBLIG Gets Stricter, For The Better

New Xbox Live Indie Games peer review rules have seen Digital Art Gallery: Semi-Naked CG Goths (or whatever it was called) pulled from the service. It's a shame that these things need to be spelt out, but some people really are taking the michael. First Break One Out and now this.

There's a lot of naff applications on the service, but people are paying for them. If there's hundreds of idiots out there willing to part with their cash for a calculator/screensaver/egg timer then creators should be allowed to separate them from their cash, before they use it to buy something more dangerous.

But putting up a gallery of near-naked CG ladies, whose "inny-outty bits" are covered by the slenderest of hands? That's just the oldest trick in the book. Naked ladies could even sell the Atari 2600 version of ET.