11 May 2009

Clover - Out Now, #1 Rated, Review

If you've been under a rock, Clover is now available for download.

At the time of writing, Clover is also the number one user-rated Xbox LIVE Community Game, according the rather lovely xblcg.info. If you've played the game and feel the love, go and contribute your vote too.

Forums are coming soon, promise. Just waiting for the nice people at Microsoft to set them up.

We've also received another review, this time from Small Cave Games. They gave Clover a spiffy A-, which is better than my maths grades at school. I've shamelessly stolen the bits that I like the most here:

"There are so many things that Clover does right[...]: Beautiful watercolor-based graphics, amusing SFX, great story (with a political tie-in should you look for it), fun characters, easy to pick-up gameplay, excellent puzzle/clue design, and a great 'mood.' For me, my favorite aspect is that I was able to jump in to a totally unique (yet modest) world, become entirely immersed, and achieve a strong sense of reward every time I figured out a solution. "

Now, all of you lot go and tell your friends, whilst I figure out how to do a PC build!