19 Apr 2009

Release Imminenter

I really mean it this time. Clover (best CG so far?) should be going to peer review on Wednesday this week, which means that if it gets approved first time through, it'll be available on Friday. I've got no control over the peer review process though, so best wait until I send out press releases before getting too excited.

Today we're doing some last-minute emergency sound fixes (some of the voice work wasn't up to scratch), tomorrow is mixing those down and playtesting, Tuesday is preparing the release candidate build and more testing, and then Wednesday is trailer-filming day.

So, what happened? Clover was due to be submitted on Friday just gone, but unfortunately two performance bugs raised their ugly heads. The first caused the game to take 1 minute 21 seconds to load, which as I'm sure you'll agree is not acceptable. The other was causing two frames to be dropped every two seconds, which whilst bearable isn't the level of quality we're aiming for.

Both have since been fixed, and whilst doing the code fixes we've also had a chance to apply further polish to other aspects of the title. The 'tactile' elements of the gameplay mechanics are now more engaging, but it's still not very platformy. If you're looking for platforming action the likes of which you'd expect from a certain blue hedgehog, you'll be very disappointed.