23 Apr 2009

Clover Progress Report

Clover is on schedule. The order of tasks has changed a little, but the code is complete and locked down. All that remains now is finishing the trailer, and then it can be submitted for peer review. This is the process by which Community Games get approved for release, and vetted for inappropriate content.

So don't get worried, and don't go getting too excited just yet. Believe me, when it's available for purchase you won't be able to stop me telling you about it.

As an aside, we couldn't help ourselves from adding new loveliness. With a mere 45 minutes 'til code-lockdown o'clock, a conversation between Jeanette and I triggered an epiphany of symbolism. The best bit is (like quite a few references in Clover) most people won't notice it. You won't even get to see the suggestion of this symbolic analogy unless you're very lucky, or you've played the game through once and have an inquisitive mind. Then when you do, it's only the subtlest of nudges.