25 Apr 2009

Clover in Peer Review, Feedback

Clover is in peer review. This means that it is currently getting vetted for IP infringement, showstopper bugs, and inappropriate content. Once this is done (and it can take up to 10 days if nothing fails) the game will be available to buy. So, it's finally in the release pipeline.

We've recorded a rathe snazzy HD trailer, but as it says "Available on Xbox LIVE Community Games" I don't want to put it about the place until people can actually find and download the game. Pre-release hype makes no sense in our business model, as we can't secure pre-orders.

Here's some of the nice things people have said about Clover whilst it's been in playtest:
  • "Love this game, reminds me of simpler times."
  • "this game is awesome"
  • "Still can't wait to see if Old Greg has a mangina!"
  • "Very well made, nice work."
  • "the graphics look fantastic. Definitely one of the best looking XBLCG."
  • "Watercolor + political + platformer + puzzles hits me in all the right spots."