18 Mar 2009

Running, Tweeting, Analysing

After some gameplay feedback from the playtest I've added in a running feature to Clover. Such is the nature of the genre, there's a lot of going from A to B, and it was beginning to grate people a little. There's a few more tweaks being added in order to focus more on the puzzle-solving, and less on the traipsing about.

I've jumped on the Twitter
bandwagon. Being an intrinsically anti-social beast I find it all very uncomfortable and confusing, but 'the kids' tell me that Twitter is 'where it's at'. I did look at it a while back before it was all the rage, but I just couldn't be bothered.

The Joystiq article saw an increase in traffic from Microsoft IP addresses. Hopefully if anyone important there was reading, they read the whole article and not just the headline.

Now that article's out, I might as well give you the exclusive screenshot that shows a nice new backdrop: