2 Mar 2009


Despite the gas boiler packing up this morning, we've had a pretty productive day. I've been wrestling with some aspects of the plot that I thought I had already nailed down. There's a lot of elements I'd like to get in there, and it's tricky trying to find the right blend and connections between them.

There's the ever-present danger of me trying to cram too much into a limited medium, but I keep brainstorming until it feels right, and I get excited. Much like songwriting, there's a moment when you just know it's right.

Regardless, I'm comforted by the fact that George Lucas was constantly changing the plot of A New Hope right until filming. Let's just hope I don't go and write my own Phantom Menace though...

Well, my other job title has now been upgraded to Gold Medallist Multi Award-Winning International Martial Arts Instructor. Of course, anyone in The Foundation will know quite how ridiculous that statement is, even if it is true.