30 Mar 2009

Clover - New Screenshots

There's a load of new screenshots featuring the newly redesigned Sam being sent out today.

So here they are, followed by the press release.

London, United Kingdom – Monday 30th March

Political Platform Puzzler 'Clover' – New Screenshots, Character Redesign

Binary Tweed Ltd. today release new screenshots of d├ębut title Clover (featuring a newly redesigned lead character Sam) and also announce a revised release window of April. Clover is to be released via Xbox LIVE Community Games for 400 Microsoft Points.

The screenshots feature new artwork, new locations and a new dynamic sky-blending system that means that the player's view of the game world is constantly changing. Lead character Sam has been given an overhaul based on community feedback.

Clover features so much artwork that some is destined to be left on the cutting room floor, after the game hit Microsoft's mandatory 150mb maximum size limit imposed on Community Games. Gamers anticipating Clover's release can now follow Binary Tweed on Twitter and the Clover Facebook Group.