24 Mar 2009

Approaching Compromise

I've nearly got a working solution that means the game will load in a reasonable amount of time, and we can squeeze more artwork/music in. Let's just hope it works as well on the 360 as it does on my dev machine.

More and more people (possibly the CIA) are wondering about XBLCG sales figures. I get a fair bit of traffic to this here blog from people searching for stats. The CG forums have had quite a few questions about this, and the mods are locking threads as a result. I can understand them trying to keep people on topic and stop them from repeating themselves, but it's a bit much locking the main discussion thread. I wonder if there's a particular reason sales figure discussion might be being muted?

Microsoft have indicated that some figures should be made available by the end of the month, so let's hope they're on schedule with that. Hopefully then I should be able ot figure out if I'm going to make any money, or whether I should be finding myself a nice cardboard box to sleep in.