20 Feb 2009

Performance and Business

I've been starting to get in touch with some people about the future of Binary Tweed. We're also looking at marketing, which we have very little money for. Xbox LIVE Community Games suffers from a lack of mainstream presence, and so marketing in traditional media would help raise the profile of both the service and Clover.

In my original field of programming, it was accepted wisdom that optimisation was the work of Satan and should be avoided at all costs. Write readable code, and throw bigger hardware at it if you need more speed.

So it was with some trepidation that I had to look into a performance issue we were running into on the Xbox 360. On my development machine, the game runs at a solid 30fps, never dipping, but never going faster. As the maps in the game had become larger and more populated, we were starting to see slowdown from 60 fps to 10fps when munging some texture data - basically when you walk over some ground and a terrain feature such as a door.

Thankfully the fix was beautifully simple, and had nowt to do with the munging algorithm at all. Now Clover runs at a glorious 60fps on the 360, no matter what I'm throwing at it. Hurrah!