2 Feb 2009


Somehow through the 'arctic' temperatures, we managed to survive another day and not die of hypothermia or go snowblind.

Owen's delivered a large chunk of the sound effects, and they are rather sexy. It's a shame we haven't got the time/money/disk space for a shedload more, as it really does make the world come alive. Finally, all my stereo panning code gets to see some action!

Artwork again looks like it's lagging behind, and we're going to have to get a handle on that sharpish. One of the bonus features is now complete, so coding is getting ever more sparse. I finished another interview this morning, which was for another print mag. Some very good questions this time, although some of them were more challenging.

I'm in desperate need of some gamerpoints; shithead is now 90 ahead of me which is simply intolerable. Tempted to download the Fable 2 DLC, but I should really rein in the spending - especially after the amount I've spent on Jitsu-related beer recently!