11 Jan 2009

Take it from the top

I'm down in East Sussex recording with Christopher. We've still got three tracks to write, but I've already got ideas for these. All those years in recording studios as a teenager have paid off at last!

For the soundtrack we've decided against using any overtly modern or electric sounds. In fact, at this rate it might end up using only piano. The music is going to be fantastically important in terms of setting the mood of the game, so we've got to get it just right. We're writign and demoing at this stage, then I'll go back to London and transcribe the tracks to MIDI to clean them up. After that, we'll record the final versions in perfect timing.

Tomorrow is P-Day, when I go to the press. I can then come clean on the various forums I've been mingling on about what we're developing, which will be a relief. Looking forward to seeing community reaction, because at present it's mostly only people involved in the project that have seen it.

I might try and get in touch with a certain pair of twins tomorrow...