28 Jan 2009

Mange Rotter

What, no interviews? I'm awaiting some more questions to be sent over, but there's no new live ones just yet.

I've been scripting some rats, adding in rocks, and creating functionality for variable walking speeds. All super-exciting stuff, honest. Owen's got a lot of the sound effects done, and we need to arrange some time up in London to do some mixing.

Signed up with the accountants today, and might go and buy a new laptop for the artwork some time soon, now that I know I can offset it against tax I've already paid.

I need to work out the next steps in the press assault... We're not going to be at a video-able stage for a while yet, so more screenshots would be good. If I get the time, I might consider a Clover-specific site with some teaser/background content. The tricky part is getting it designed, rather than getting it built.