16 Jan 2009


Looking for Clover?

The first two interviews have been posted online at El33tOnline and the rather lengthily-titled A Little Bit On The Awesome Side, which is a name I approve of wholeheartedly. It's been great communicating with genuinely courteous people about something I'm obviously interested in... It's a far cry from some of the herculean ineptitude I had to put up with in the finance world. Any of my old colleagues will know what I'm talking about!

Artwork is continuing apace, with one of the more important areas of the game world (the town of Trigfere) nearly done. I've spent the day making simple things complicated, swearing at my 360, but ultimately coming up with the goods. Once again the collision detection looked like playing up, but I managed to wrestle the beast back into its cavern.

I've had a nice chat with Nathan Fouts, creator of the spiffing Weapon Of Choice. I've got in touch with some nice peeps in this endeavour. If one of Microsoft's aims with the Community Games project was to foster a co-operative community, I for one think it's succeeded.