9 Jan 2009


It's been an interesting few days in Binary Tweed Towers.

The marketing machine is all geared up and ready to go; however our first one-in-a-hundred chance shot at achieving massive publicity has fallen on its arse. No doubt trying to issue a press release from an unknown developer to one of the biggest gaming sites in the world when CES is on wasn't the best strategy I could have chosen, but you have to try!

I've been doing some more informal research that's bordering on guerrilla marketing, and the results of that look promising. There's a lot of affection for games of the ilk we're creating.

I categorically promise that next week, everything will be public and I'll finally be able to talk about our product. That's when it'll all get really interesting.

In terms of progress, the artwork is coming along nicely now, and we're got a project plan that seems reasonable accurate. I've been adding UI polish and building the game world, and fixing another issue with collision detection.

It's Jitsu season again, and so far the Foundation has had 12 hours of my week, and I'm supposed to be training tomorrow for three hours...