22 Jan 2009

...For Dummies

I've spent today doing the usual - building the game world, doing a bit of scripting, writing a bit of code. Most importantly I've fixed an issue with fade in/out transitions running slow-as-hell on the 360. Whenever you go from one map to another in Clover, the 'page' will fade to white and then back in again.

I really need to beef my knowledge of HLSL, and how that whole shader melarkey works. Book recommendations by email please!

I've also had an interesting conversation with Jason from Novaleaf (creators of Biology Battle) regarding sales figures. I can now unveil that Mervin The Country Mouse was in fact BB, and that it was Novaleaf citing sales of circa 6,000. BB features a unique-to-XBLCG leaderboard that has been feeding them their figures, and seems like a water-tight method for tracking unique copies.

When applying the methodology I outlined in the previous post Jason came up with a far higher figure than his leaderboards suggest. Hopefully for all of us, his leaderboard has a bug! On a more serious note, the good news is that BB has been increasing sales as time goes on, rather than tailing off. This is definitely a good sign, and indicates good word-of-mouth referrals of the title, which isn't at all surprising seeing as it's jolly good fun.