10 Jan 2009


One cunning chap from the world of inforweb forums has figured out what that game's about. 10 points to that man! Nice to have some positive feedback from someone who's not close to the project.

Jeanette's taken the day off (it is the weekend after all) and I've been tinkering with the scripting engine. We've got NPCs jumping, people getting arrested, and farmers shouting "get off my land!" I've also fixed yet another damned collision issue.

Tomorrow we're off to Chris Chillingworth's to work on the soundtrack. We've got a total of nine tracks to write, and four that are down provisionally. Additionally there's some vocal work that we might try and squeeze in, which is going to be entertaining if nothing else.

Can't wait to get the press releases out, and start approaching a certain few people. Will be interesting to see the reactions from a certain pair of twins...

Ha! Just realised there's a pun in the title of this post too!