16 Dec 2008

Whoops, I did it again

I really should try and project a slightly more professional image on this here blog, but I'm afraid I must report another massive hangover. The London Jitsu Christmas Party, combined with an award I won, led to 24 hours of vomiting. Nice.

As mentioned previously, there's a good team forming. Jeanette's working 12 hour days at the moment to try and get everything drawn on time, and Thornton will be doing another shift at Chez Deejay tomorrow. We've now got about a third of the game world created and playable. The new shiny Blogger template hasn't materialised however, so that's the press plans delayed.

I'm trying to work out whether debuting over Christmas would be a good idea or not. On the one hand, no professionals are going to be scouring the inforweb for new press releases. On t'other we have a lot of consumers sat around reading video games sites whilst there's sod all to do in the office.

I really should get around to this mountain of paperwork from Companies House and NatWest...