3 Dec 2008

Up, Down, Up. A + START?

Today has been a mixed bag. It started well, with some scripting stuff getting done (basically putting the game world together) and some nice progress on the artwork. About halfway through the day it looked like we'd have to re-do half the artwork, but thankfully that turned out to not be the case.

We're inching ever closer to something demoable. I do realise I say this in almost every post, but there's only some background artwork and animation left to do before we can start showing people the first area of the game. The dialogue is starting to get fleshed out too, and in terms of UI we've only got the help, title and options screens left to go.

As I still can't show you any in-game assets, in order to maximise my chances of coverage, I instead bring you a branding concept. This may or may not resemble what we finally go with, but these zebras are just so damned funny I had to share it with you all.