31 Dec 2008

Tax, Business, Biology?

I've just been filling out some thrilling paperwork for HMRC, with the help of a very nice man on the phone.

Having taken stock of the project plan we now know that we've got another 2 months of artwork to go. This is a lot longer than we originally anticipated, and is causing a few financial issues. Nothing's insurmountable and there's no way we're backing out now. Music and sound effect specs have been written and sent off to those responsible for heping me out, and next week comes the PR shots.

As time goes on I end up doing more business management, which is nice as it's getting back to what I do professionally. As soon as the game's out on XBLCG, I'll be off to tap up Nintendo and Sony to see if we can't get a publishing arrangement for WiiWare and PSN. I'm not sure how well the artwork would translate to a handheld, but DSWare would also be an attractive option.

The good people at Novaleaf Games are hiring. If circumstances were different, I'd be tempted to go and join them - their Biology Battle title is a very professional product, and available right now on XBLCG...