18 Dec 2008


Well, there you go. That's the logo we decided upon, and this is the palette to go with it. I think we'll be adding a nice patterned background at some point.

I'd be doing Phillip Joyce's stirling work a disservice if I didn't talk about the logo a little, especially as I spent a long time asking for revisions. As with the strap line I'm trying to reinforce that we're taking old things and putting a new spin on them, hence the traditional vibe going on, and the almost Victorian palette. The shield holds three houndstooth devices that are the kind of stitching that make up a tweed jacket, tessellate and also look like space invaders. As a matter of pure coincidence, the winged sword is strikingly similar to a tattoo I've been meaning to get on the back of my scalp - 40k nerds will know what I'm thinking of.

Rather than saying "we're really close to announcing something!" like I do most days, I'm going to tell you what we have left to do before debuting our first title:
  • Background artwork integration;
  • Lead character artwork;
  • Press release.
So, there's really not much there. The big question now is do I want press exposure over Christmas, or should I wait?